‘I think of Yana Alana as the May West of my generation, a gun slinging, take no prisoners kinda girl with her heart on her ass’Kate Cebrano

Yana Alana imposed herself on Sarah in late 2006, and quickly manipulated her way into award winning seasons of the first show ‘Bite Me’ in Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, MidSumma, and Feast. The show earned Anni Davey a Best Director Green Room gong and Anni went on to direct all the future Yana cabarets. The sell out follow up show, ‘Bite Me Harder’ was commissioned for Full Tilt at the Victorian Arts Centre in 2008 with the first ladies of crazed adagio The Town Bikes. Yana Alana was awarded Best Cabaret Artiste Green Room Awards 2008.

In 2010 Yana Alana and Tha Paranas premièred their cabaret show ‘In Concert’ to sold-out audiences, receiving rave reviews. The show was presented as a part of the Midsumma Festival with funding from Arts Victoria. In 2011 it received an impressive 6 Greenroom awards including Best Production, Best Original Music, Best Musical Direction, Best Cabaret Artiste, Best Ensemble and Best Director. The show was produced later that year at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

In 2011 Yana Alana took part in a creative development alongside Meow Meow, Michelangelo and Wes Snelling in David Chisholm’s music theatre work ‘Revival’, at the Arts Centre as part of the Carnegie 18 New Music Theatre Series. In 2013 Yana Alana premiered her new work Between The Cracks as a part of Midsumma and later at The Melbourne Cabaret Festival, The Feast Festival and The Ballarat Festival, it went on to receive two Green Room Awards for Best Cabaret Artist and Best Production as well as a Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Artist. In 2014 Yana Alana and her accompanist Bec Beat, alongside designer Adrienne Chisholm, created an intimate live art show commissioned by Theatreworks for FOLA which toured to the Brisbane Festival.

Yana’s People

    • Monique Aucher: In Concert and Covered (Lighting design)
    • Adrienne Chisholm: Between The Cracks, Tears Before Bedtime and In Concert (Costume, Set and Co-creator on Tears Before Bedtime)
    • Anni Davey: Covered, Between The Cracks, In Concert and Bite Me (Director and Dramaturge)
    • Kelly Gentle: Website Designer and Between The Cracks (CD design)
    • Louise Goh: Covered (Musician) and Between The Cracks (Pianist and Co-Composer)
    • Peter Leslie: Yana Alana’s personal photographer
    • Isaac Lumis: La Soiree, Yummy and variety spots (Costume)
    • Bec Matthews: Covered (Musical Director, percussionist, dramaturge).Tears Before Bedtime (Co-creator, performer, musician) Between The Cracks (Dramaturgy, stage management and tour director).In Concert, Bite Me Harder & Bite Me (Percussionist, co-musical director, dramaturgy and co-composer)

    People who have worked with Yana Alana

      Jo Abbott: Between The Cracks (Pianist). Gabi Barton: Bite Me Harder (Dancer/performer). Teresa Blake: In Concert (Cello, Saxophone and Cello Arrangements). Benn Bennett: Yana Down The Hare Hole (Piano). Genevieve Bernstein: Queen Kong (Lead Guitar). Ebony Bott: Between The Cracks (Producer 2012-2015). Simon Burgin: Covered (Projection Artist). Chris Chainey: Between The Cracks (Lighting 2014). Jane Curtis – Bite Me, In Concert (Designer marketing and Website). Robyn DeBoar: Covered & Between The Cracks (Graphic design). Frances Evans: In Concert, Bite Me Harder & Bite Me (Double Bass & Co-composer). PJ Fotiades: Between The Cracks (Costume painter & Follow Spot). Sal Frances: Bite Me (Lighting 2008). Jo Franklin: Queen Kong (Guitarist). Will Garret: Covered (Documenting Melb Fringe 2015). Cerise Howard: Queen Kong (Bass Guitar). Rosalind Jones: In Concert (Trombone, Trumpet and Brass Arrangements). John Lyons: Bite Me Harder (Documentation 2009). Sprinkle Magic: In Concert & Bite Me (Costume Design). Mia Mala McDonald: Photographer & Videographer (Between The Cracks). Steph O’Hara: Yana Down The Hare Hole (Sound). Ania Reynolds: In Concert, Bite Me Harder & Bite Me (Pianist, Co-Composer & Co-Musical Director). Michelle Scully: In Concert (Double Bass and Arrangements). Katie Svetkidis: Between The Cracks (Original Lighting Design 2013). Franca Stadler: Rigging (Bite Me Harder). Alice Swing: Covered (Costume). Keith Urquhart: In Concert, Between The Cracks (Sound) & Bite Me EP and In Concert (Engineer). James Wilkinson: Covered (Sound). Carla Yamine: Bite Me Harder (Dancer/performer).