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Tears Before Bedtime: Brisbane Times

Tae Baker

You never really know what you are going to experience at the Brisbane Festival. This is especially true with productions at Theatre Republic, which is exactly why I love the depth of our festival.

However I’ll freely admit that on a list of things I didn’t expect that evening, number one would have been spanking an over-the-top diva while in her bed.

Tears Before Bedtime is a cabaret production (a la art gallery exhibit) that takes place in the bedroom, and bed (!), of Yana Alana (star of La Soiree 2013). You aren’t just a voyeur here, you join her in her misery, delight, dissidence, and embrace of wickedness.

Yana Alana has a wonderful singing voice. She’s even a budding children’s author. Her gift of engaging her intimate group of “fans having a sleepover” was just brilliant… and her ribald jokes! One lady who had been so controlled totally lost it at one of these.

My face ached from smiling and laughing so much.

What exacerbated this delicious pain was how we were forbidden to laugh at one point. It was so hard to keep it contained.

Bec Beat from Circus Oz, Yana’s ever suffering friend, was a delight. She entertained us with shadow puppet theatre and background tunes, and also accidentally elbowed me in the face. Well I hope it was an accident, and she doesn’t do this to everyone. At least it wasn’t the reason my face ached, I swear. My advice to those who are lucky enough to have tickets to this sold out event: be ready for anything, go with it and know your Roses Chocolates in advance.