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Tears Before Bedtime: ABC Arts

Alison Croggan

Yana Alana and Tha Parana’s Tears Before Bedtime had an audience of five, all of us dressed in pyjamas and bedsocks before being invited into cabaret performer Yana Alana’s bedroom. The diva herself is hidden under the covers, supposedly crying hysterically (it’s actually a recording), which permits us to explore the bedroom as an art installation. It’s clearly an emotional disaster area, with various plinths on which the remains of chocolate cake, sleeping pills and a Friend are all curatorially labelled. Then the covers are thrown off – “An audience!” and we are invited into bed with Yana Alana, who is having trouble getting to sleep. She offers us a chocolate, reads us a bedtime story (“The moral is, I’m going to kill Gina Rinehart”), sings, complains and plays us her version of a meditation tape, all with the musical and stage assistance of Tha Parana, before finally curling up (in this case, on my breast) and snoring peacefully.

This was beautifully detailed work, very funny and, in the end, surprisingly moving: intimate theatre in which the intimacy was actual.